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The Winds of Change


Engineering strategic sales, to and from anywhere in the world ...It's easier than you think.  If you can accept the idea that selling is actually a buyer behavioral process …then you should read on!


Just about every business has a bunch of people they’ve met in person or on line; a list or even just a stack of business cards. Most of the time this data lies dormant as day to day operational issues dominate time. You don’t have time to make those calls …we do


This is the process we use to deliver results. It is a time proven methodology that dates back to a pre-web era. And, after a few decades selling in the world markets I can safely say …it’s simple common sense. Think like the customer.


Where do you need help? Call me and I’ll show you what to do …before you buy!


Getting Sales!

Booking meetings with potential customers and serving as your guide – prospect conversion

Managing relationships with highly engaging content and follow up – sales curve maintenance

Constructing custom offers and negotiating on your behalf – customer development

Producing and trafficking documents to seek client commitment – customer conversion


Getting Out There!

Deploying direct response material and deliver you the lowest hanging fruit – lead generation

Reaching out ‘one on one’ to develop understanding, trust and relationships - lead nurturing

Making online presentations to determine who is ready to do business - prospect development


Getting Prepared!

Developing sales collateral material to drive the message home

Acquiring sales channels as an alternative form of marketing your message

Creating pages in the social networks to own the real-estate


Getting Started!

Brainstorming and shaping ideas to get you ready for market

Planning sales campaigns and balancing expectations vs. available resources

Surgically building lists and company profiles to exact specification


Our belief is that lead generation and prospect qualifying should be a function of management NOT sales. It is all about results where managing the cost of sale is the essence of success. Taking control of where the sales force spends your money is just plain common sense.


No matter the challenge, there is sale to make… a behavior to change. We are the strategist and tactician and we deliver solutions within your budget and human resource capability.


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